… blog together! Welcome to our blog and the beginning of a new adventure.

Getting ready to run this year's Turkey Trot.

Just a week ago, Julie and I, along with the rest of our immediate family, participated in our first-ever Turkey Trot. Julie and I ran — or jogged — together for the 3.2-mile course.

This event has been added to the trying-new-things list for this year. I’ve run a 5K before, but never with Julie. And never with the whole family.

This also is not the first blog I’ve ever contributed to. But it is the first one I’ve shared with Julie in authorship.

One of my goals in life is to do/learn something new each year. In 2009, this included starting my first full-time job, learning to dance (salsa, bachata, cha-cha), bought a car, and lived on my own in the Chicago suburbs. Full disclosure: 2009 was the first year for documenting such activities. There have been many prior to this non-monumental year.

As 2010 approaches its end, I’m looking back on the new experiences I’ve had this year. The main new one is beginning a long-term relationship with a wonderful Christian guy. This blog is a second item on the list. So here goes!