This morning, while putting the next little ornament on my advent calendar, I realized it is Dec. 10. (Advent calendars are great for helping one remember what the date is!)

There’s not really anything that special about Dec. 10, except that it means there are only 11 days until the winter solstice. And then, the days start to get longer again.

I so enjoy light. Sunlight and natural light, that is. This year, I’ve had trouble dealing with the lack of daylight that winter brings. This is probably mostly because I work at a cubicle that does not have a window. Last year, I had a window. So, I’ve come to cherish the time I spend in the car driving to work as a time I can soak up the sun. It’s very bright when driving east along 88.

Living in Minneapolis as the days drew shorter was a bit of a wake-up call to life even further north, where the sun shines a bit less than down here. My mom, sister and I visited family in Florida at the end of October. I was surprised to realize that those further south don’t get much more sunlight. The sun still sets early (though not as early as in Minnesota) in the warmer states. It’s just the way the earth works.

In honor of the cold, dark season — which will last for a few more months despite the longer days — I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces I wrote while living in Minneapolis. It’s about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Check it out, and enjoy the sunshine.