I have a really bad habit of keeping a lot of different tabs open in my web browser at the same time. A lot. And many times I have multiple windows open, each with its own array of tabs. For example, I currently have two Firefox windows open — one with six tabs and one with ten. That’s good for me! (I took drastic measures and closed about 20 earlier today).

One of the culprits behind my internet-tab-craziness is the abundance of vegan recipes I stumble upon online. OK — seek out mostly, but I do stumble upon some. The problem comes when I find recipes at a rate lightyears ahead of the rate at which I can make them, which is always. What happens then is that I keep the recipes open online, looking at them occasionally and wishing I had the time and ingredients to make them all. Then I find more, and it continues. I need a better system.

Generally I am a very organized person. Not so when it comes to keeping track of recipes, however. Often I plop my laptop down on the kitchen counter while I’m cooking or baking to follow the recipe, and then (finally) close the internet window when whatever delicious meal or treat I’ve made is made and enjoyed. It’s more green that way, right? The only problem then is I lose track of the recipe if I’d ever like to make it again. (And it’s pretty rare that something I’ve made isn’t good enough to repeat —  hooray!)

Here’s my potential solution, if I have the discipline to keep it up: I created a 1 1/2-inch three-ring binder with dividers for all my different categories of recipes, and spent a couple hours each of the past few days gathering, hole-punching, printing (hence the 20 closed tabs) and categorizing my recipes, and assembled my binder.

I am hopeful that this system will help my sanity (I won’t be overwhelmed by browser tabs every time I’m in front of my computer — ok, I won’t be overwhelmed by recipe browser tabs, just other important things. I can’t be cured overnight). I also imagine it’s a better way to protect my MacBook Pro from spills in the kitchen.

Tonight I had the luxury of time to make two new recipes. A Citrus Butternut Pasta Bowl for dinner and a Triple-Layer Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecake, currently cooling on the counter. I’m proud to say the pasta bowl recipe is nicely filed under ‘entrees: pasta’ in my binder, and I have definite plans to tear the cheesecake recipe out of my Jan/Feb issue of VegNews magazine and tuck it away as soon as I finish the chocolate drizzle topping step.

How do you keep track of/organize recipes?