This January, two of the places I spend much of my time each have a program going on that lasts a specific number of days and has the word “challenge” in its name.

Whole Foods Market, where I am a proud Customer Service Team Member, is one week into its 28-Day Challenge, and the yoga studio where I practice and help out at is 15 days into its 40-Day Challenge. I am not participating in either of these challenges.

Spending much of my time in these circles, with people who ARE taking the 28-Day or 40-Day Challenge, however, has definitely gotten me thinking. First, about why the thought of joining in on the programs never really crossed my mind…

The Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge is focused on healthy eating. The Getting Started 28-day Program teams with two affiliates, Eat Right America and The Engine 2 Diet, that each have a 28-day plan to help you kick-start a new plant-based dietary path.

The 40-Day Challenge at my yoga studio is based on Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution and focuses on daily yoga practice, meditation and healthy eating.

Kick-starting a new plant-based dietary path is something I did on my own, three years ago, when I became a vegan (p.s. I am very excited to be celebrating my 3-year Veganniversary this February!) Starting a 40-day long program of yoga practice is something I did on my own just a few months ago. I took advantage of a new student special and bought a 40-day package for $40. I decided I wanted to go to yoga every day I possibly could within that 40-day period, and I practiced 34 out of the 40 days (85 percent!). I’ve kept up my commitment to yoga since the end of my initial 40 days, and can’t really imagine life without it, but that’s a story for another post.

While I think both challenges are wonderful programs, and I’m certain I would learn new things and be challenged in new ways by both, it just seemed to me that some of their main goals — plant-based nutrition and daily yoga practice — were already a part of my life. Already defining parts of my life. So I didn’t sign up this time around.

I am not seeking to sound self-congratulatory and important here, just kind of taking notice of these two initiatives and thinking it’s pretty cool that they support things that I find very important. Important enough to challenge myself with for all of life.