I’m not a baker. I’m much more of a cook. I do not like being precise in the kitchen. I like throwing things together haphazardly and seeing what turns out. With baking, that method doesn’t typically turn out tasty food.

I will bake from a box. Usually that means muffins. Sometimes pancakes as long as they are a special kind of pancake, such as pumpkin pancakes from Trader Joe’s (the box mix is still in my pantry, so I’ll have to blog about how that goes another time). Oh, and I do make cornbread. That’s about where I reach the end of the line with baking.

But, tonight I tried these: Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies — for a few reasons.

1. Arthur is on the box. The aardvark. I adore the PBS cartoon show he stars in. But not as much as the children’s picture book series that I frequently read growing up.

2. Baking from a box is, as I mentioned before, incredibly easy.

3. I am supposed to host my small group tomorrow night — provided people can get to my apartment. Small group friends: if you brave the snow tomorrow, you will be rewarded with cookies!

4. It’s snowing. A lot. And I had to entertain myself somehow since I cannot leave my apartment. This evening, I had already cleaned my bathroom, did some laundry, dug a snow-drift covered parking spot out for my car, went on a blizzardy adventure to get my mail, talked to a friend on the phone … so baking was my next task.

5. I talked with my brother about cookies today. Today is his birthday, and my parents sent him a very large box of all sorts of cookies. I must have had cookies on my mind.

6. Julie has been contributing a number of her own culinary-related posts, and I felt I should do something of my own to continue the theme.

The results. The cookies were a bit dry but still tasty. The mix called for adding 1/4 cup water and 1/2 cup butter. I did this. So, I’m not quite sure how I could have made them a bit moister. More water? A half a cup of butter already seems like a lot. Any suggestions? I think for this batch, I’ll serve with milk.

Note: this recipe can also be made with vegan butter to make a dairy-free treat.

— Kimberly