I love when I can make something old into something better. Sometimes a little love is all that’s needed to accomplish this — or some paint.

I had an unfinished wood crate (rather small) sitting around. It was sitting on a shelf, boosting a plant’s height so it could consume a little more vertical space on that shelf.

But, I moved the plant. Then, I didn’t know what to do with the crate. Both ends of the crate sported a logo — a brand I actually love. But, when I used the crate to add some height into the shelf, the logo was upside down. Another negative.

I briefly considered taking the crate apart and switching the logo’s direction, and then re-assembling it. After several months of staring at the logo, though, I had grown tired of it.

So, I opted for some paint. And, I ended up with a new look for the crate and a simple craft project. All I needed was a tube of craft paint, a brush and some newspaper to protect the table I was working on.

The first coat of green paint is on.

Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the before version of the crate. It was just a plain lightly colored wood before, so shouldn’t be too hard to imagine.

I feel rather resourceful after the incredibly easy re-purposing project. Plus, I always relish the chance to be just a tad crafty, even if all that involves is some green paint.

— Kimberly