Edit: I am continuing to watch the wedding-related movies after the Aug. 13 events … I just ran out of time to track them all down, and I was probably doing something else, like yoga or packing, at the end of the summer and didn’t really want to sit down and watch a movie. Anyway, I’ll keep updating!

I have five months to plan the rest of my wedding.

And I have five months to watch all the fun wedding movies that are in a list I made this weekend.

I just thought of pursuing this themed viewing of movies the other day when Hitch was on TV and I watched a few minutes of it. I’ve seen several of these titles — many not in a long time. Some I haven’t seen yet. Some are probably not really worth seeing again — or ever. But, I’ll see what I can make it through, just for fun. And, if there are any I should add to the list, I’m open to suggestions.

Oh, and I’ll update as I go along. For organization’s sake, I’m ordering them as I watch them… I’m a dork.

1. My Best Friend’s Wedding (watched March 12)
2. Four Weddings and a Funeral (watched March 24)
3. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (watched March 25-26)
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (*own, watched March 27)
5. License to Wed (watched in March)
6. Bride Wars (watched in March … I don’t recommend this one)
7. The Wedding Singer (watched April 10)
8. Made of Honor (watched April 12)
9. Hitch (watched April 13)
10. The Wedding Planner (watched June 3)
11. The Young Victoria (watched June 6)
12. Yours, Mine and Ours (watched June 10)
13. Moulin Rouge (watched June 10-11)
14. Monster In Law (watched June 14)
15. Our Family Wedding (watched June 16)
16. When In Rome (watched this in January or February… so I think that counts)
17. Sex and the City (watched July 24-25)
18. The In-Laws (watched July 27-28) — this movie caught my eye at the library. it is not really a wedding movie … just has the backdrop of a wedding, but I guess it counts.
19. 27 Dresses (watched end of August)
20. Runaway Bride (*own, need to watch)
21. Wedding Crashers
22. Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding
23. The Wedding Date
24. The Proposal
25. Funny Face
26./27. Father of the Bride, part 1 (watched Aug. 7) and part 2 (*own, need to watch)

Another note: I’m saving Father of the Bride for last, because I know it’s a good one.

— Kimberly