I recently stumbled upon a new way to scrapbook. Not on the page, not in a book, not in two dimensions. Instead, the medium is within in a glass jar. This could be a lazy person’s way to scrapbook. It does not require much coordination of colors, any page layout nor any paper trimming. Actually, it’s very much a time capsule disguised as a scrapbook.

An empty jar is ready to hold the possibilities that this year has in store.

The idea came from my favorite scrapbooking store’s blog, found here. The idea is to make a visual, tangible scrapbook of various items from scrapbook-able moments. Anything that doesn’t fit on a page — or even stuff that does. And then it becomes art work in one’s dwelling place. Or it could sit in a drawer, I suppose.

Or, like the blog suggests, one could store items in the jar until he or she gets around to scrapbooking.

A few days ago, I finally found the perfect jar for my own scrapbooking jar. It is from Target, in the kitchen section, near the open stock dishes. The perfect jar.

I washed it — that’s about all the prep it needs — and hunted for a few items from these past three months to start the jar off. Hopefully more will happen this year to add to the jar because it’s a little sparse right now.

Also, the jar is unfinished. I need to create a better “2011” tag that will somehow goes on the glass or the top of the jar. Haven’t decided yet. But, the photo shows the beginnings of my new scrapbook … totally off the page.

Oh, and here’s where the original idea came from: Kelli Crowe.

— Kimberly