Happy Easter everyone! I’ve been a very absent sister-in-blogging for the past few months. I’m thankful to Kimberly for keeping our blog going with her creative and interesting posts, and for her patience with me while I was busy applying to, visiting, and deciding between graduate schools. It was an interesting, difficult and joyful process that amazingly led me to one school and one program, to a certain direction for the future (if only the immediate future) and a clear path (if only the first steps along a path that will twist and turn more and more unforeseeably as I begin to travel it).

Thanks to my new love of Wordle, you can see what I’ve been up to the past three months without wanting to tear out your eyeballs spending hours reading this blog. Click on the images to enlarge them in a new window.

Wordle: Untitled

Wordle: seminary

Wordle: Whole Foods

Wordle: Loaves & Fishes

— Julie