Last October during a visit to Holland, MI for Hope’s homecoming, I stopped in one of my favorite shops on 8th Street: The Model Drug Store & Apothecary Gift Shop. It’s one of my must-do’s whenever I make it back to the hometown of my alma mater, not least because it’s pretty much the only place I’ve ever found dangly earrings I actually like and will wear. (I have an extreme picky-ness when it comes to earrings, apparently.)

On this particular trip I found and bought three small purple button flowers. I thought they were simple and adorable, and I that I could surely make some myself. So when we began planning for Kimberly’s bridal shower I decided they would be a perfect craft.

They are very easy to make, basically zero-mess, and endlessly customizable with different colors, shapes and sizes of buttons. We had a lot of fun making our button bouquets!

-floral stem wire 20 gauge
-buttons of various colors and shapes
-wire cutters
-green floral stem wrap tape

1. Bend the wire about 6-7 inches.
2. Choose your buttons. Starting with the smallest button so it ends up on top at the bend in the wire, thread the wire through the button holes. If the button has four holes, string the wire through diagonally to center the button.
3. Once all your buttons are in place, twist the two lengths of wire together tightly under the flower.
4. Wrap the wire in floral tape and trim the stem to your desired length.
5. Make as many flowers as you wish and arrange your bouquet!

You can tie ribbon around your finished bouquet, place it in a small vase, or leave the flowers as individual stems. We stuck our flower stems through the holes in small salt shakers filled with dry lentils.