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I recently discovered that I have a thing for little decorative plates. Ones that can sit on counters. I’ve bought myself six in the past four or five months. BUT … they were all on sale.

These two green and white birdies are the most recent addition to my collection. I saw the little birdie first (he is white). But the bigger birdie (green) goes with our kitchen colors so well.

So, they became a pair. And now they live on my kitchen counter. Well, just until I change out the plates!

The bird plates were a Pier 1 find — for less than $3 each. A fun purchase on a fall day to bring some life into our apartment.

Oh, and for the next several months, I’m done buying little plates for myself. Seriously. I have a stack of them in a cupboard now. And I can’t let it grow!

— Kimberly