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I’m eating something yummy right now. Right as I type this, I’m eating dinner. Yes, it’s  late — 10 p.m. But that’s how I roll some days. So, I’m so excited about it I had to blog right away. And all the credit goes to Rebekah at PDX Food Love. Kudos to her for this yummy yummy recipe.

So, I saw her recipe that involved cranberries, and I knew I had to try it … because we have a bag of fresh cranberries. Cranberries are great, but I can only eat so many of them plain. Like probably about five.

I knew I had most of the ingredients in Rebekah’s recipe. But I didn’t have parsley. She called it Couscous with Cranberries, Apples and Parsley. So I’d have to figure something else out. Oh, and another important note, I didn’t have couscous either. But I DID have quinoa. So, I decided to go for it.

Other substitutions I made:
• finely chopped kale for parsley (just to add some green)
• water for vegetable stock (I was just lazy)
• red wine vinegar for cider vinegar (I seem to never have cider vinegar when I need it!)

Oh, and here’s where Rebekah got her inspiration.

The outcome was glorious (see below). And now there are leftovers. Oh, and I think this was the perfect way to bring in December … with a dish that LOOKS like Christmas. I call my version Quinoa with Cranberries, Apples and Kale.

Rebekah’s photos are much nicer … but this is what I just gobbled up.

Disclaimer: I don’t usually use all caps. That’s how excited I am about this. So yummy and easy and healthy … and wonderful at 10 p.m. when you haven’t had dinner yet. 

— Kimberly