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I’ve been meaning to share some photos of what’s been going on in our newlywed rental that we’ve made our own. So, enjoy.

To the right is a fun wall-art project I worked on. I knew I wanted to decorate with some cross-stitch circles by putting fabric in them. One day while at Hobby Lobby, Nathan and I found the funky leaves. And, the cross is a gift from my mom. Some of the fabric is found elsewhere in our apartment — the green on the lower left is a pillow. The brown and green on the right is also on a cushion on a wicker chair. The other fabrics I found at Hobby Lobby as well. The whole look was super simple — just took cutting fabric and fitting it tightly into the circles. Then, I mapped the pieces out on the floor and transferred them to the wall. So, this is the scene above our black futon. Oh, and inspiration came from here.

These jars and bottles decorate a little black shelf in our living room. I kind of have a thing for decorating with glass jars, beads and ribbon … plus some tall stuff to add interest. It was also done in my old apartment. Anyway, Nathan put together these jars and beans and glass beads. This is a cheap way to decorate, and it’s super easy to mix up should we crave a little change.

This one’s kind of silly. It’s just an example of how I like to decorate with what we’ve got … including whatever fruit we happen to have on hand! In the winter, especially, I like the little touches of citrus that are bright and cheery. I also enjoy using oranges, pomegranates, potatoes, squash … I think that’s it … to jazz up the kitchen area. Oh, and this sits on the divider between our kitchen and living room.

More jars … and coffee beans! And nuts of some variety. I’m not sure what kind. We got the small gray vase and the large flower vase on the right as wedding gifts. The other jar, Nathan has had for a while. I like his jar better with something in it, and in this case, it’s coffee beans. So, I just like this on-the-cheap decorating attempt. This is the top of a bookshelf in our living room.

And finally, I’ll talk about the bathroom … which we painted!! We have birds in the bathroom … and we added a little over-the-toilet storage cabinet to put towels on. But perhaps my favorite part of the bathroom is this little piece (see below) that hangs above a towel rack. I stitched a leaf onto a piece of paper, and on the right, I just glued blue buttons onto a piece of paper. And, I got this piece of art in the end! It makes me happy … about as happy as the bathroom’s color makes me, which is kind of difficult to imagine with the grainy photo below. Nathan calls it sky blue.So, that’s it for now. I’ll share more snapshots of our place another day.

— Kimberly