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Life’s crazy and messy and complicated just about all the time. Yet, I’m feeling so blessed and resting in what matters right now in my life. And that’s being joyful.

You see, this is what weighs on me most days:
-My head is so jumbled up … I have 12-zillion things running through my head, some of them written onto to-do lists, some needing to make their way there. Oh, and then they need to happen someday.
-I’d like to be able to keep on top of our budget each month in a timely manner.
-I want to pencil people into my calendar I haven’t seen in a while and be the perfect host and do all the holiday-type things that make this season magical on the surface.
-I’d like to finish buying and wrapping all our Christmas gifts and have them sitting pretty under the tree.
-I really want make a nice meal and eat it with my husband. Yesterday I tried, and the brothy soup I was trying to make turned into pea soup … accidentally. Still, it was nice to share our funny soup and fresh bread.
-I wish I could spend more time thinking and being still.

Despite all that I’m wanting and wishing for, I have so much to be thankful for.

-I’m thankful for a husband who makes sure to kiss me before I head out the door.
-I’m thankful for a warm house and warm bed to sleep in.
-I’m thankful we have a pretty little Christmas tree that sparkles and greets me with its twinkly lights and makes me happy.
-I’m thankful for creativity that I’m just so anxious to express.
-I’m thankful for friends who bring me perspective and support and love.
-I’m thankful for family who accept me just as I am.
-I’m thankful for a job and work to do.
-I’m thankful that God knows what’s best, and that I can trust him ALWAYS.

And that’s only the start of why I’m joyful.