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To let a library card expire. (It’s one I want to hold onto and use in the future, but I don’t live there anymore.)

To unsubscribe from all the emails I don’t actually read. To take time and click “unsubscribe” from any spam that comes in.

To get rid of the things I don’t want or don’t use regularly. (Nathan just brought home a white elephant gift … eeek!)

To let relationships change or even fade.

To not renew a health club membership or to (gasp!) QUIT THE GYM. (I have, and it’s so freeing.)

To make simple meals, use ingredients I already have on hand. (Totally loving the most recent — quinoa cranberry salad of goodness.)

To wear the same type of outfit every day and dress up my layers with one of three scarves that I adore.

To read only bound books. I do not want an e-reader. I know my reading habits will morph with any technological shift. For instance, I would very likely start to read books like I read blogs … by skimming and with a lack of solid attention toward them. And that would be bad.

To have a not-so-smart phone. Without the Internet. I really don’t want it. I promise.

To say no to some things, and to say yes to what really matters.

In a quest to live simply, these things and more are OK.