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These are my recipe resolutions. I have 52 weeks and 52 recipes to try! (I’m likely not going to get around to each of these … but a girl can dream.) Oh, and these are in no particular order at all. Putting 52 links in one post was enough work.

Also, some of these recipes involve things I’m obsessed with lately: kale, pomegranates, ginger, quinoa, oats, couscous, black beans and, of course, avocado. I could eat most of those foods daily and be quite happy.

1. Kale and pomegranate salad

2. Lemon, ginger and parsley smoothie

3. Easy microwave peanut brittle

4. Fruit salad overnight oats

5. Red quinoa and black bean vegetable salad

6. Weekend glow kale salad

7. Peanut butter swirl pancakes

8. Raw buckwheat porridge

9. Summer squash pancakes

10. Pretzel bites (Nathan wants to make these– I just know it!)

11. Summer squash with pesto

12. Sparkling fruit slushie

13. Beet black bean dip

14. Overnight oat parfaits

15. Spicy molasses cookies

16. Sesame couscous salad

17. Ginger spritzer

18. Gluten-free gingersnaps

19. Chickpea crackers

20. Cauliflower crust pizza

21. Easy no cook fudge (vegan)

22. Naturally sweetened homemade granola

23. Brussels sprout hash with caramelized shallots

24. Pineapple kale salad with black beans and avocado

25. Red beans and rice

26. Crispy green tea cookies

27. Pumpkin bars/cake

28. Apple and apricot cookies

29. Oatmeal choco chip cookies (gluten-free)

30. Southwestern soup

31. Raw walnut + almond cookies

32. Apple ginger spice cookies

33. Black bean, corn and brown rice tacos

34. Chocolate pomegranate clusters

35. Rice pilaf with kale, cashew and veggies (and pomegranate!)

36. Peas and pesto pasta

37. Steak salad

38. Black bean soup

39. Vegan enchilada casserole

40. Orecchiette with spinach and gorgonzola sauce

41. Vegan lasagna

42. Black bean and butternut squash burritos

43. Garlic leek chow mein

44. Traditional French bread (still meaning to post my bread making adventure!)

45. Cranberry kale smoothie

46. Honey whole wheat peanut butter chippers

47. Protein-packed green smoothie

48. Sunflower spinach vegan pesto

49. Sun butter banana protein bars

50. Frozen fruit pie

51. Simple apple pie (I’ve been wanting to make a pie for about 4.3 months now.)

52. Best salad dressing ever (raw) — this one almost doesn’t count. We made it in December. If you got all the way down here, wow. I’m impressed. This is just a really crazy list with no photos, and for that, I’m sorry. But, I’ll be back with a hopefully more exciting post in the near future.

Oh, one more note. I love all these bloggers/foodies that I linked to. They are awesome. This gives you a taste of the food blogs that I frequent … or am addicted to. Whatever.

— Kimberly