I like yoga, dancing, being organized, drinking coffee, eating peanut butter, working out and being active, the sun, skiing, cooking and baking vegan food, trying new recipes, grocery shopping at Whole Foods, farmer’s markets, going to concerts, tweeting, reading blogs, the city of Chicago, Washington D.C., Hope College, kayaking, watching tennis and baseball, wearing rings on my fingers, learning, driving my Jetta, being studious, new music, clean teeth, wearing warm socks, Gerber daisies, short hair, and summer. 

I really like being a vegan. I like what making this lifestyle choice has done for my physical health. Eating vegan has enabled me to better care for the body God gave me. Eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and completely cutting out all animal products has dramatically changed the way I think about, purchase, prepare, consume, and relate to food. I truly enjoy eating, and think about food as nourishing and life sustaining. I like feeling healthy and energized because of my eating habits. I like all the new kinds of foods and different options I’ve tried by breaking away from a more typical diet. Choosing veganism has opened my eyes to different ways of doing things. It’s helped me grow into a woman with strong convictions, who does not sway to all the different pressures surrounding her. It’s given me confidence in making my own decisions and sticking to them. I’ve grown by having to articulate and defend my beliefs and habits to others who do not know about them or understand them. Eating vegan is a very intentional, and sometimes difficult, lifestyle. I like the person I’ve become because I’ve faced the times it’s difficult to be a vegan with integrity and grace. I like that my diet supports sustainability for our environment and is friendly to all of God’s creatures. I like that becoming a vegan has opened my eyes to and given me a passion for the many people in our world who are not abundantly blessed like I am, who have little or no access to essential elements to life, who cannot make choices about what they eat, who have no access to educational resources about nutrition, and who actually go hungry every day. Eating vegan started as something I was going to try for a week or so, but it’s turned into something incredibly valuable and defining. I can honestly call it a lifestyle choice because now I’m vegan for life.

I like balance. I enjoy finding balance between the many wonderful things life offers: study, play, work, sleep, community, solitude, eating, resting, learning, moving, etc.

I like nurturing intentional and meaningful relationships with other people. It’s important to me to share my life with others. I like to show how I care for other people by taking an interest in them and in what’s going on in their lives. I like to follow up with people after we’ve had a conversation or I’ve learned something that they’re happy about or struggling with or simply going through. I like to remember specific things and ask about them later. It’s one of the ways I like to show my love for other people. I like to make time for other people in my busy life. I like to encourage. I like to use people’s names when I talk to them. I like to be a peaceful and sincere presence in others’ lives. In the same vein, it means a great deal to me when other people act this way toward me. I also really like giving gifts.

I like organization, responsibility, and dependability. I value following through on commitments. I have a great appreciation for accuracy and small details.  

These are some things I like.